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Robatz Laboratory

Cybergizer is a company-founder of a scientific laboratory Robatz Laboratory in Belarusian State University on a faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies. The laboratory devoted to robotics and industrial control and process automation

One of the garage project initiated in the laboratory was published as an educational open source IoT platform Robatz Network -centralized management platfrom of connected devices.

Robatz Laboratory was founded as an independent department at Belarusian State University, faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies.

The main avenues of scientific and development areas developed in the laboratory:

  • Trainings and Seminars about IT and Scientific fields of knowledge.
  • Educational courses for last grade students.
  • Practical training in electronics and robotics
  • Research and Development of potential "garage" projects
  • Lectures about Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Our engineers along with last grade students are involved in design, implementation and support of a multi-purpose end-to-end IoT cloud platform Robatz Network, that enables management and operations capabilities for connected smart objects and back-end low level infrastructure. Here you can see a few pics of our first project implemented as part of the Robatz Network - an autonomous car concept for international robotics challenge:

A few more prototypes were handcrafted with the goal to demonstrate how our middleware platform accelerates development of connected devices under the  "swarming" paradigm:

All these devices aka “robots” are costless and cheap, as they don’t have any significant “smart” parts and doesn’t have any embedded algorithms, when all their complex core logic is hosted and evaluated in the cloud within Robatz Network cluster.